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Eminent Odisha author, orator Prof Hrudananda Ray is no more


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jul 27:

Odisha’s noted writer, philosopher and orator Prof Hrudananda Ray passed away this morning at a private hospital here due to multiple organ failure. He was 87.


The litterateur was recipient of many prestigious awards for his exemplary contribution to Odia literature.

The departed soul was a professor of Philosophy and a prolific orator.

Besides, Prof Ray was associated with ‘International Jagannath Society’ (IJS) and instrumental in spreading the Jagannath cult.

He has penned many books. Some of his works include: America: Jetiki Dekhichi, Jetiki Bujhichi, Jane Anubhabi Anubhabare: Atmajibani, Sankara As A Romantic Philosopher, Kaḷi Bhagabata Samiksha: Ṭhakura Sri Abhirama Paramahaṃsanka birachita “Kaḷibhagabata” Granthara Eka Darsanika Samikshaṇa (Philosophical study on the Kaḷibhagabata, a verse work, by Abhirama Paramahaṃsa, 1904-1963), Sri Jagannatha Tattva-Rahasya, Patre Pushpe Prabandha, Kant : An Exposition of Critique of Pure Reason,  Sarala Ratnabhaṇḍara Rasasgara, Dialectic, Bhanja-Bhagabata,  Bicchanda Caraṇa Paṭṭanaẏaka and Bedabyasa kr̥ta Brahmasutra.

“We have lost a person of great wisdom. As a professor of Philosophy, he had earned great fame for himself and was loved by all. He influenced the intellectual mass for almost five decades. He was an expert of Jagannath culture and was a great orator. His contribution would be remembered,” Health and Family Welfare Minister, Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak said in his condolence message.