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Elected PRI members in N’Patna seek protection after Maoist threat


OST Bureau
Narayanpatna, Nov 25:

People’s representatives in Narayanpatna have taken shelter in the block headquarters after being threatened by Maoists to resign from their posts.

Maoists call the shots in Narayanpatna
Maoists call the shots in Narayanpatna

Both Chasi Mulia Adivasi Sangh (CMAS) Maoists have asked the PRI members to resign because they have preferred to remain silent spectators rather than solve the problems faced by the people of the area.

The threat has worked as the people’s representatives now fear they could be killed if they do not resign.

The Andhra Odisha Border Koraput Srikakulam Divisional Committee of the outlawed CPI (Maoist) on November 18 has asked them to resign from their posts within a month.

After receiving the threats from Adivasi Sangh and Maoists, the terrorised sarpanchs and samiti members have chosen to stay away from their homes and taken shelter at the block headquarters in Narayanpatna. They have reasons to worry about, as neither the district administration nor the police have given them any assurances let alone provide them with protection cover.

While the local radical outfit CMAS has been spearheading a movement to ban liquor and restoration of land rights to tribals the state government and the district administration have taken no steps to address the issues.

During the last panchayat elections the CMAS had put up its candidates for all posts and they had won too. What has irked the CMAS is that although it had taken part in the electoral process and got its members elected, the government had chosen to ignore their demands and not respected the views of the elected PRI members, a source in the CMAS said.