Elect good individuals, not parties, Anna urges Odisha voters

Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, April 1:

Urging people to participate in the revolution for change of the ‘system’, anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare today said it is time for honest citizens to come forward and participate in elections as individuals and not as part of political groupings.

Anna Hazare
Anna Hazare

“There is need for a revolution to change the system, not power.  If we want to see radical change in the country, there is a need to change the system. The representatives of people should go to the Parliament and Assembly, not the party representatives and criminals,” said Hazare addressing a farmers’ rally organised by Navnirman Krushak Sangathan (NKS) here.

Alleging that every party has its share of criminal leaders, Hazare urged the people to vow not to vote for the corrupt and criminal leaders and chose honest candidates who can serve for the country.

Anna said he will visit every state to sensitize the people in this regard for the next five years.

Terming it the second Independence Movement, he set a target for the farmers to send 100-150 farmers’ representatives to the Parliament in 2019 elections so that they can address the plight of the peasants.

“I know that we cannot send many farmers’ representatives in this elections. But we can try to send at least 100 representatives to Parliament in the 2019 or 2024 elections to address our problems and bring bills for the benefit of farmers,” said the social activist.

Lashing out at the political parties for ignoring farmers’ issues, he said the condition of the farmers in the country is disastrous as the parties are only concerned about industries and capitalists.

The anti-corruption crusader also said that he will work to bring Right to Reject bill in the Parliament that will debar criminals from contesting the elections.

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