Elaborate arrangements at Sakhigopal for ‘Radha Pada’ darshan

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Sakhigopal (Puri), Nov 19:

The Puri district administration has made elaborate arrangements for lakhs devotees expected to throng here for the famous ‘Radha Pada’ darshan at the Sakhigopal temple on the occasion of ‘Anla Navami’ tomorrow.

radha pada darshan

As per tradition, ‘Radha Pada’ darshan is observed every year on ‘Sukla Navami’ in the holy month of Kartik.

This is the only day when people get a chance to look at Goddess Radha’s feet which otherwise remains covered throughout the year. It is called the ‘Odiyani’ besha of Goddess Radha. It is believed that whoever witnesses the holy feet gets Moksha (salvation).

The Sakhigopal temple administration said darshan will begin at 6 am tomorrow. However, there will be break in darshan for half an hour from 4.45pm to 5.15pm for change of palia sevayats (priests) and will continue till late in the night.

The dwar phita niti (opening of doors ritual) of the temple will be done at 1am today. Later after mangal alati, mailam and abakas rituals, Lord Shree Krishna will adorn the Natabara besha while Shree Radha Rani will adorn the Odiyani besha. Again after completion of sakala dhoopa, ballava and bala dhoopa nitis the general public will have ‘Radha Pada’ darshan from very close proximity.

To provide 24 hour power supply to the temple premises five diesel generators have been pressed into service.

Similarly, two first aid centres have been set up in front of the Simhadwar (Lion’s Gate) of the temple to provide first aid to devotees in case of any eventuality. Two ambulances will be stationed near the temple to shift patients in case of any emergency.

Moreover, two fire tenders of the Sakhigopal fire station will be on standby duty near the temple and Rural Water Supply and Sanitation department have made arrangements for providing drinking water to devotees.

The department has also made arrangements for makeshift urinals for the convenience of the devotees.

“Senior police officials and 14 platoons of policemen have been deployed for smooth darshan and movement of traffic. Barricades have been constructed for devotees to have smooth darshan tomorrow. We have made detailed police arrangements for tomorrow,” said Asish Kumar Singh, SP Puri briefing reporters on the arrangements.



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