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Efforts to rescue tusker from dry well resume in Odisha


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Baripada, Nov 20:

Forest department officials and fire brigade personnel resumed their operations this morning to rescue a tusker that fell into an abandoned well in  the paddy fields  near Dhobatola village under Shymakhunta block in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district  late on Tuesday night.


Rescue personnel had to abandon their rescue operations code named ‘operation’ on Wednesday after nearly ten hours of unsuccessful back breaking effort due to poor visibility conditions after night fall.

According to locals who had perched themselves atop machans built on tree tops to keep a close vigil on the movement of elephants damaging their crops, a herd of 20 elephants had been seen moving in the paddy fields on Tuesday night.

One from the herd, who happens to be a tusker, fell into an abandoned well while it was passing through the fields. Despite making desperate efforts, the tusker was unable to pull itself out of the 25-30 feet deep dugwell.

As news spread, forest, fire brigade personnel and police rushed to the spot and began their rescue action code named ‘Operation’. They used a JCB to excavate earth to make a ramp to the base of the well for the animal to move out of it.

But since the terrain is rocky, the JCB that was first hired for the rescue operation developed snags and another one was hired for the job.

Rescue work had to be halted on Wednesday due to poor visibility conditions with night fall.

Forest department officials expect to rescue the animal from the well today.