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ECoR to run nine pairs of summer special trains


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Mar 18:

With a view to clearing additional rush of passengers and also providing comfortable journey to the commuters during this summer season, East Coast Railway (ECoR ) has decided to run nine pairs of weekly and bi-weekly summer special trains including six Suvidha Train towards different destinations of the country from its jurisdiction by creating a number of additional berths.


Apart from this, three pairs of long distance summer special trains will also run through ECoR for the benefit of the passengers.

These Suvidha trains include Puri-Santragachhi, Sambalpur-Yesvantpur, Bhubaneswar-Krishnarajpuram (Bangalore), Visakhapatnam-Krishnarajpuram, Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam-Tirupati and Special trains like Kochuvelli-Guwahati, Shalimar-Puri etc.

Bhubaneswar-Krishnarajpuram (Bangalore) Suvidha:

08451 Bhubaneswar-Krishnarajpuram bi-weekly Suvidha train will leave Bhubaneswar at 2250hrs o­n every Wednesday & Saturday and will reach at Krishnarajpuram at 2300hrs o­n the next days between April 6 and June 25 this year. In the return direction, 08452 Krishnarajpuram-Bhubaneswar bi-Weekly Suvidha train will leave Krishnarajpuram at 0100hrs o­n every Monday &Friday (just after midnight of Sunday & Thursday) and will arrive at Bhubaneswar at 0145hrs o­n the following days between April 8 and June 27.

Sambalpur-Yesvantpur (Bangalore) Suvidha:

08301 Sambalpur-Yesvantpur weekly Suvidha train will leave Sambalpur at 1100hrs o­n every Wednesday and will reach at Yesvantpur at 1640hrs o­n the next days between April 6 and June 22. In the return direction, 08302 Yesvantpur-Bhubaneswar Weekly Suvidha train will leave Yesvantpur at 0030hrs o­n every Friday (just after midnight of Thursday) and will arrive at Sambalpur at 0430hrs o­n the following days between April 8 and June 24.

Puri-Santragachhi Suvidha:

08401 Puri-Santragachhi (Howrah) weekly Suvidha train will leave Puri at 2125hrs o­n every Wednesday and will reach at Santragachhi at 0700hrs o­n the next days between April 6 and June 29. In the return direction, 08402 Santragachhi-Puri Weekly Suvidha train will leave Santragachhi at 1900hrs o­n every Thursday and will arrive at Puri at 0400hrs o­n the following days between April 7 and June 30.

Kochuveli-Guwahati Special:

06336 Kochuveli-Guwahati weekly Special will leave Kochuveliat 1200hrs o­n every Sunday and will reach at Guwahati at 0815hrs o­n the next Wednesdays between April 3 and June 26. In the return direction, 06335 Guwahati-Kochuveli Weekly Special will leave Guwahati at 2325hrs o­n every Wednesdays and will arrive at Kochuveli at 2230hrs o­n the Saturdays between April 6 and June 29.

Shalimar-Puri AC Special:

00837 Shalimar (Howrah)-Puri weekly AC Special train will leave Shalimar at 2355hrs o­n April 22 (Tuesday) and will reach at Puri at 0835hrs o­n the next day. In the return direction, 00838 Puri-Shalimar Weekly AC Specialtrain will leave Puri at 2335hrs o­n April 23 (Wednesday) and will arrive at Santragachhi at 0905hrs o­n the following day.

Visakhapatnam-Krishnarajpuram (Bangalore) Suvidha:

02877 Visakhapatnam-Krishnarajpuram bi-weekly Suvidha train will leave Visakhapatnam at 0530hrs o­n every Tuesday & Friday and will reach at Krishnarajpuram at 2300hrs between April 5 and June 24. In the return direction, 02878 Krishnarajpuram-Visakhapatnam bi-Weekly Suvidha train will leave Krishnarajpuram at 0100hrs o­n every Wednesday &Saturday (just after midnight of Tuesday & Friday) and will arrive at Visakhapatnam at 1800hrs between April 8 and June 27.

Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad Suvidha:

08501 Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad weekly Suvidha train will leave Visakhapatnam at 2300hrs o­n every Tuesday and will reach at Secunderabad at 1200hrs on the following days between April 5 and June 28. In the return direction, 08502 Secunderabad-Visakhapatnam Weekly Suvidha train will leave Secunderabad at 1630hrs o­n every Wednesday and will arrive at Visakhapatnam at 1800hrs on the following days between April 6 and June 29.

Visakhapatnam-Tirupati Suvidha:

08573 Visakhapatnam-Tirupati weekly Suvidha train will leave Visakhapatnam at 22550hrs o­n every Monday and will reach at Tirupati at 1325hrs on the following days between April 4 and June 27. In the return direction, 08574 Tirupati-Visakhapatnam Weekly Suvidha train will leave Tirupati at 1530hrs o­n every Tuesday and will arrive at Visakhapatnam at 0650hrs on the following days between April 5 and June 28.

Apart from this, a number of Special Trains have been planned to ply between different destinations of the country through East Coast Railway jurisdiction during summer according to the feasibility and demands from the passengers and will also create more berths from ECoR. These apart, important regular trains have been planned to be augmented with additional coaches during the period by creating additional berths.​ Based o­n an analysis of the Passenger Traffic Profile o­n various routes, permanent augmentation of coaches in Mail/Express trains is being done by attaching more coaches.​