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Economics, computer sciences in great demand at DU


New Delhi, June 20 :

Economics and computer sciences were two subjects much sought after in the admissions for the four-year under-graduate programme of Delhi University, according to an official release here Friday.

Releasing the course-wise application data for the first time, the university said a total of 158,372 students have applied for economics while 102,086 applied for computer sciences.

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History also seems to be quite popular with 99,895 students applying for the subject, followed by mathematics with 95,276 applicants.

In a surprise, Sanskrit received more applications than English. While 78,135 applications have been received for Sanskrit, English got 58,201 applications.

In science stream, the chemistry department received 87,806 applications followed by physics (51,016) and zoology (41,739), the official data showed.

Journalism and Mass Communication and Hindi Patrikarita have 82,999 and 85,950 applications respectively. The newly introduced forensic science, which till now is only available in one college, has also received 26,059 applications.

Among foreign languages, French is the most popular with 75,356 applicants followed by Spanish (46,381) and Italian (33,830).

There was more demand for Urdu with 38,081 applicants compared to Hindi’s 16,779 applications. Bengali got the lowest 4,956 applications.

In total, the university has received 278,485 applications for 54,000 seats in 61 colleges. Of the total applicants, 169,045 were males and 109,440 females.

Last year, the university received a total of 254,339 applications.

The maximum number of applications are from Delhi followed by Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the data showed.

From the northeastern states, it received 4,043 applications, while applicants from Karnataka were the lowest number.

The admission process began June 2 and ended June 16. The first cut off list will be released June 24.

For the bachelor of honours in management studies, the university received 25,357 applications for 840 seats.