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Dual voter ID, false affidavit; case filed against Dasburma in Odisha court


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury
Bhubaneswar, June 28:

Controversy continues to dog Odisha Food and Consumer Welfare Minister Sanjay Dasburma. Hardly has he recovered from the furore over his name figuring in the list of tainted builders read out in the Assembly by Housing and Urban Affairs minister Pushpendra Singhdeo, he has a fresh problem on hands.

Sanjay Dasburma
Sanjay Dasburma

A case was filed against Dasburma in the SDJM court, Bhubaneswar, today for possessing dual voter ID cards and filing a false affidavit during nomination for the recently concluded elections held in April.

City based lawyer Dasarathi Barik has filed the case against the Brahmagiri MLA for allegedly filing false affidavit during the nomination violating the People’s Representative Act 1951 and 1950.

The complainant said that the violation invites criminal prosecution under Section 177, 181 and 200 of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Not only does Sanjay Das Burma possess dual voter ID cards, his wife Sailbala Das Burma too has the rare luxury of being a voter at two different places. Both of them are registered voters at Malud block in Puri and in Kharavela Nagar in Bhubaneswar.

While Das Burma is a registered voter in Malud block with Voter ID number KRK 1459098, his wife is registered in the same place with voter ID number KRK 1459114.

Surprisingly though, both of them are also voters in Kharabela Nagar in Bhubaneswar with ID numbers RXL 0516864 and KLX 3185725 respectively.

Besides, many ruling MPs and MLAs including Pinaki Mishra, Tathagat Satpahty, Nagendra Pradhan, Kalikesh Singhdeo, Bikram Keshari Arukh and Maheswar Mohanty possess dual voter cards while the family members of some law makers also enjoy the luxury, courtesy the inaction of election commission.

It is to be noted that a case has also been filed in the same court against AU Singhdeo and Bhupinder Singh for having dual voter ID cards and filing false affidavits before the returning officer of the state Assembly.