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Drugs Controller paves way for illegal sale of swine flu vaccines in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: With 15 more patients infected with swine flu virus in Odisha, the recent directive by Odisha Drugs Controller has paved way for illegal sales of H1N1 vaccines in the state.

In the wake of number of swine flu cases registered in the hospitals in urban areas of Odisha, although people have started taking vaccines as preventive not to get infected with the virus, Drugs Controller’s order to the pharma stockists not to avail vaccines for the doctors creates lots of confusion for people.

Although, the fact behind the order is yet to be clear, but common people and doctors suffer lots due to such move by the Drugs Controller.

On Saturday last week, the Drugs Controller has directed the stockists to supply the H1N1 vaccines only to the pharmacy retailers.

Generally, a person takes vaccine prescribed by the doctor. If the vaccines will be made available at the pharmacy retailers, there will be possibility of taking vaccines without doctor’s prescription.

While Odisha government has started campaign to create awareness among people to take vaccines as per the doctors’ consultation, the Drugs Controller’s directive contradicts it.

There are only three-four stockists, who are supplying the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccines in Bhubaneswar. When the number of swine flu patients is rising in the state, the shortage of vaccines creates panic among people. The recent directive has opened the path for sale of vaccines at higher prices in the stores where the vaccines are available.

Currently, the swine flu vaccines manufactured by the brands like Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Abbott and Sanofi pharmaceuticals are available in Odisha. As the vaccines are available in medicine stores, the possibility is higher to take wrong dose of vaccines against swine flu virus without consulting the doctor.

The directive has been issued to give the chemists the priority to provide the swine flu vaccines, but there is no report about not allowing the doctors to provide the vaccines, said an official sources in the Drugs Controller office.

All the government and private hospitals have been directed to provide the swine flu vaccines. The chemists have been asked not to sale vaccines to anyone without doctor’s prescription, he said.