Drones provide view of dinosaur footprints in Australia

Canberra, April 24:

A low-flying drone is providing palaeontologists a never before seen view of ancient dinosaur footprints in Australia, media reported on Friday.

pic: www.newslocker.com
pic: www.newslocker.com

A team, from the University of Queensland, is halfway through a three-year project to document hundreds of dinosaur footprints that were left along the West Kimberley coast about 130 million years ago, ABC reported.

Team leader Steve Salisbury said this month’s field work had focused on using a drone to get a bird’s eye view of the footprints.

“The drone allows us to get as close as we need to and customise the imagery we want, which is proving to be really, really interesting,” Salisbury said.

The vision will be fed into computer software that will eventually create 3D images of the dinosaur’s movements along the coast.

The project is due to wrap up by the end of 2016. (IANS)

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