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Double whammy for BJP in Odisha: After Dilip, Bijoy quits party


Bhubaneswar: Two major jolts shook the Odisha unit of the BJP ahead of the 2019 polls as senior leader Bijoy Mohapatra resigned from the party today, moments after ex-Rourkela MLA Dilip Ray quit BJP.

“I have not taken any decision on joining other political party or contesting in elections. Decision regarding the next course of action will be taken after 15 days,” Mohapatra said at a presser here, adding that his decision of joining the BJP in 2009 was a wrong one.

In a resignation letter sent by Mohapatra and Ray to BJP national president Amit Shah, the two said that several leaders in the party have remained silent over various issues concerning the state fearing ‘denial of tickets’. Such silence is a bad sign for any democracy, they opined.

“The well meaning suggestions by us to you were construed as a threat by certain egocentric self servicing individuals who resorted to dirty tricks and a campaign was launched in our respective constituencies to try and deride us,” they said in the letter.

“As self respecting politicians with decades of service to Odisha, we refuse to continue in the party as showpieces. For us, the interest of the state is supreme. We have never ever compromised our self respect or the interest of the state for any post, power or ticket,” the duo added.

Friction between the two and the state unit of BJP was also evident in the past as there were several instances of Ray and Mohapatra not being invited to various party programmes.