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DNA test forces parents to accept baby


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Rourkela, Oct 8:
A baby girl abandoned by her mother was finally accepted by her parents after a DNA report established her parentage, Rourkela Government Hospital (RGH) sources said on Tuesday.

Rita Lakra had given birth to an underweight baby. The baby failed to suck milk from her mother and was admitted at the Special Neo Natal Care Unit (SNUC) of the RGH. A dispute began when the hospital staff handed over the discharge report where it was mentioned that the baby was a boy.

The parents of the baby girl refused to accept her saying that the discharge report mentioned that the baby was a boy and claimed that Rita had given birth to a boy.

“It was a typographical error. We knew the truth, still we went by the rule book and conducted DNA test to ascertain the parentage of the baby girl. The report confirmed that Rita and Budun are the girl’s biological parents,” said Dr Prasant Patra, in charge of SNCU.

The baby, who was kept at the SNCU at RGH under the supervision of the doctors and nurses till now, was handed over to her mother Rita in the presence of police.

It was a touching moment for the staff members and doctors when Swayamsambhuta, the name given by the hospital staff to the baby, was handed over to Rita and Budun.

“We convinced them (parents) to accept the child. They agreed and finally accepted the child,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) RR Mishra said. (PTI)