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Divyang begins India tour from Odisha on tricycle. Here’s why


Bhubaneswar: Aiming to spread social messages in the human society, a divyang with began a long trip to visit entire country on his tricycle.

Arvind Kumar Misra, a resident of Pune, started his journey on his tricycle from Puri on Feb 19 with a 4-ft banner to create awareness among people to engage themselves in pious programmes like blood donation, road safety and polio-free drive.

It may take long year to complete the journey on tricycle, but Arvind is confident enough to achieve the feat by spreading the message about traffic rules and to eradicate the social evils including female foeticide.

When asked whether he will be able to change the mindset of people through the small banner riding tricycle, he replied that his squirrel-like efforts will definitely put impact on many people.

The poor man without having money dreams for big for others and his self-confidence to overcome all the hazards on his way during journey is the biggest resource.

However, the passion to involve himself for the noble cause was not sudden, rather he is an incident.

“When I opened my eyes and saw the world, discovered myself affected with polio. Nobody can understand and feel the pain of a divyang more than me,” Arvind was quoted by ‘Sambad’ as saying.

Earlier, Arvind had successfully completed his tour from Puri to Goa in 2008 for making the country polio free.

During his continuous and restless journey to visit India, the 44-year-old Arvind expressed his desire to meet the governors and chief ministers of some states seeking initiatives to fight against social stigma.