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Director of real estate co arrested for land fraud


Reported by Santosh Jagdev

Bhubaneswar, Apr 5:

Commissionerate Police on Saturday arrested the director of a city-based real estate company in connection with a case of land fraud.

Mancheswar police sources said, one Arakta Das (37), director of a construction company called Arohan Infrastructure Private Limited had developed a number of plots in and around the city but in the process fraudulently occupied the land located adjacent to these plots.

In 2010 Das had bought a plot in Kalarahanga mouza near Patia and allegedly occupied 1.5 acres of adjacent land by producing fake papers.

The matter came to light on Saturday after the owner of the encroached landSurendranath Chami, of the same mouza, lodged a complaint with Mancheswar police station about the fraud and produced hard evidence in his support.

This resulted in the arrest of Das.

Police said they are interrogating the director of the real estate company to find out whether other persons were involved in the fraud. Das’  accounts and documents have been verified, they said.