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Differently-abled Odisha woman shines despite odds


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar Mar 15:

Fifty two year-old Kanchan, who is unable to walk since childhood, has set an example for others,  she saved money from alms earned through begging and has opened her own make shift pan shop in the old bus stand in Bhubaneswar.


As a 12 year-old Kanchan was forced to leave her village in Banki after her parents died and her brother and sister-in-law ill treated her. She came to Bhubaneswar for a living.

Life was very hard for Kanchan who is unable to walk and she was forced to beg for survival. But, she found begging too demeaning and decided to start her own business.

Painstakingly, saving money from the alms thrown at her, the fighter started selling pan and other eatables from a makeshift shop on the ground in old bus stand in the Odisha capital. Slowly, she has acquired significant client base.

Kanchan hopes that if government provides help she will establish a permanent shop and build a house of her own some day.