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Differently abled Australian woman dragged at airport


Sydney, Nov 13:

A 26-year-old Australian woman suffering from cerebral palsy was dragged at Perth airport after airlines staff failed to provide her a specially designed chair in order to sit up safely, media reported.

Danae Florias, 24, dragged her elder sister Marissa through Perth domestic airport after Jetstar staff gave her blank looks and no answers as to where the chair was, WAToday.com reported Thursday.

The incident happened Oct 29 when the sisters were returning home from a holiday in Melbourne.

Airlines staff told them they could use the airline’s chair, which did not meet their needs.

Getting nowhere with the airline’s staff, Florias felt she had no alternative but to carry her sister off the plane.

“I grabbed my sister, with my handbag and a box of Krispy Kremes, and I’ve carried her down the stairs, and all the way from the plane to inside the arrival lounge where my mum was waiting for us,” she said.

Florias said she had gone public with her story because she did not want anything similar to happen to another disabled person.

Later in a written statement the company said: “We apologise to the family for the distress involved and we’re investigating how this occurred.”