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‘Desire’ on the Wheelchair


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Dec 10:

Where there is a will there is a way, proves disability rights activist Jitendra Biswal, a 43-year old who is a quadriplegic (paralysis caused by illness), on a wheel chair since he was five years old. He has his hands full with the making of a film that tells a heart-wrenching tale of a differently abled person.


The shooting for his movie ‘Desire’ is under way in Puri. ‘Desire’ gives an insight into the feelings and emotions of a differently abled person. Feeling pain and pleasure for different needs and desires is the same for a differently abled individual like any other person. The only difference is the physical disability.


Produced by Rajinder Singh and Rajesh Mohanty under the Contrapunto banner and Swapna Pati Foundation, the screenplay and direction is by Avinash Nanda. The concept is by Jitendra Biswal who has also donned the hat of an actor and shares screen space with Swapna  Pati.


Avee Saha and Srutishree have written the script and dialogues, while Shashank Ranjan is the music director. India’s Raw Star Rituraj Mohanty has lent his voice for the pro bono anthem. The lyrics have been penned by Sameet Pattnaik and Anup Kumar.




Photo Credit: Facebook