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Designing dream waves : Sujit Meher


Sujit Meher has again added a fresh feather to his cap . This young designer has made a name for himself in the  fashion world and hails from Dharmagarh in the Kalahandi district of Odisha.The online launching of his book “Dreams beyond grades” is already making waves in the virtual world .The official launching will be on March 11th at Crossroads book store in Bengaluru.


This is based on the true life story of Sujit,who emphasizes the importance of pursuing and realizing one’s dream. It is about how a boy belonging to a backward region of the country, where people struggle to meet the basic needs of life, have no guts to dream big and do not comprehend what fashion is. The story unravels the difficulties overcome by the protagonist who hails from a very humble background. Even though success came with many prices and struggles how he was able to realize his dreams.

The ten chapters are filled with experiences from childhood, college life, friends, love life, being a back-bencher to eventually becoming a respected fashion designer and successful entrepreneur in the long run. It is available in all leading bookstores and online portals across the country. Published by Omji publications it is edited by Pranab Pani .