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Depression is a disease caused by stress: Expert


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sep 5:

In the present day world, stress is an inescapable factor but the problem was getting accentuated because of a host of issues encompassing an individual’s personal, family, social, occupational and educational life, an eminent expert said on Friday.

IMSSH“Stress is not a conscious, but an unconscious phenomenon and the pressure of economic factors, job related issues, health and medical issues, lack of relaxation and problems linked with relationships within or outside the family affects a person leading to depression,” Prof Gopal Chandra Kar, head of department of psychiatry at the Institute of Medical Sciences and Sum Hospital (IMSSH), said while addressing a seminar on “depression is a disease”.

A speciality out-patient facility of the pscychiatry department at IMSSH was also inaugurated on the occasion which included a de-addiction clinic, neuropsychiatric clinic for the elderly, memory clinic, child guidance clinic, clinic for senile disorders, family therapy and community psychiatry. It was opened by Prof Sureswar Mohanty, head of the Nuerosurgery department of the hospital.

Prof Kar said it was difficult to live with stress as it led to a variety of serious diseases and resulted in misunderstandings, conflicts, inter-personal disagreements and created uncomfortable working conditions.

Stress, he said, could be experienced because of both opportunities and threats and when the person facing the situation was uncertain whether he could deal with the same.

Prof Kar said stress related diseases included heart problems, high blood pressure, peptic ulcer, migraine, pain in the neck, certain types of asthma and many forms of cancer. The affected person also turned alcoholic in many cases. He, however, identified six key stress reduction areas listing diet, exercise, relaxation, attitude and insight to the economic and ecological conditions.

The problem of depression could be dealt through relaxation of the mind through meditation, body through exercises and soul through personal faith and prayer, he said while pointing out that medication and counseling did have a prominent role to play.

Prof DK Ray, Medical Director of the hospital, Prof PK Mohanty, Superintendent of the hospital, Dr Surjeet Sahoo and Dr Subhendu Narayan Mishra, Associate Professors in the department of psychiatry also spoke.


  1. In the Good Health Groups in Australia, we have known that stress causes depression, because we have evidence of the relief of the problem by using Preventatism, which is a simple, easy to learn and effective remedy. It is taught in our groups, and since we believe that stress causes cancer, diabetes and a host of other disorders, as well as depression, we avoid stress like the plague it is becoming, so that we stay well.

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