Panaji, Nov 13:

Economists should not judge his government using the parameters of past ruling dispensations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday, adding that critics of his demonetisation drive “were lost in their own thoughts” and were prey to faulty parameters.


“…I took an important step. But there are others who are lost in their own thoughts. They measure others according to their own parameters. The economists of the country, those who understand the pulse of the country, have analysed and used these parameters to measure past governments. Had they changed their parameters, they would not have thought on these lines,” he said.

The Prime Minister was speaking during a government function in Goa, where he also digitally lay the foundation for two major projects, including a greenfield civilian airport.

Modi also said that his address to the nation on November 8 had varying effects on people.

“Crores of people from the country slept in peace and happiness. And lakhs of people have started buying pills for sleep, but they cannot even get sleeping pills,” he said, adding that he sought the strength of the honest people in the country in his fight against black money and corruption. (IANS)