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Delhi starts drinking real young, before 18


New Delhi, May 12:

An astonishing 83.8 percent boys and 64.6 percent girls in Delhi start drinking before age 18, and 11.1 percent boys and 2.1 percent girls spend around Rs.8,000 on alcohol per month, revealed a survey released Monday.

The survey, Alcohol and Youth – Survey Report – 2014, carried out by NGO Campaign Against Drunken Driving (CADD), was launched as part of the ongoing UN Global Road Safety Week.

( source: alcoholtreatmenthelp.com)
( source: alcoholtreatmenthelp.com)

The survey which was conducted among the youths of Delhi also revealed that 34.5 percent males and 28 percent females consume alcohol at least two to four times a week, and that 77 percent boys and 46 percent girls have had more than five drinks at a time.

Prince Singhal, activist and founder, CADD, said: “With the recent accidents involving young drivers and also the presence of large number of youths in pubs, it is evident that young people have more freedom than ever before, they are more affluent than ever before, money’s more accessible, alcohol’s more accessible, and drinking is heavily promoted.”

He added India records the highest number of road fatalities in the world and underage drinking only adds up to the “menace” of drunken driving.

“At 138,000 road deaths, India records highest road fatalities in the world and underage drinking only adds up to the menace of drunk driving. It’s about time that the administration, parents, educational institutions and organisations are involved in the process of addressing this issue,” Singhal added.

The results showed that 75 percent male and 12.3 female respondents have indulged in drunken driving and that none of the respondents has ever been asked for an age proof before consuming or purchasing alcohol.

The report added that while 67.5 percent of the respondents believed that police enforcement was visible and substantial, they felt it was not effective.

“Respondents felt that the police are never seen outside bars and pubs during the day when drinking is practiced by youth, and there are no police checks between 12 a.m. and 2 a.m. at night when youths are returning from pubs,” the report said.

“Police enforcement is not there in university and campus areas where alcohol is consumed in cars, hostels, small restro-bars, anyone is free to drive in these areas without getting caught,” it added.