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Delhi pollution levels high ahead of Obama visit: Greenpeace


New Delhi, Jan 24:

US President Barack Obama was likely to breathe “unhealthy and hazardous” air during his stay in Delhi, Greenpeace India said Saturday citing the findings of its real-time check on the pollution levels in the capital.

Pic Couretsy: www.rushlane.com
Pic Couretsy: www.rushlane.com

Ahead of Obama’s three-day state visit to India that begins Sunday, the NGO set out with an air-monitoring device called PDR 1500, to track pollution levels in six locations the president was expected to pass through.

This device recorded particulate matter 2.5 levels at various locations, including Raj Ghat and Hyderabad House, that revealed unhealthy and hazardous quality of air, said a Greenpeace release.

PM2.5 has been recognised the world over as a major health hazard that affects the respiratory, reproductive and cardiac systems, the statement said.

Greenpeace India campaigner Aishwaraya Madineni said: “We wanted to find out how much pollution President Obama is expected to breathe. Our data and readings are quite shocking. Despite the wet weather, the real-time, instant exposure levels were found to be poor and unhealthy.

“The precautionary measures being taken by the US government to ensure the safety of their president is a clear indication of how unacceptable the pollution levels in Delhi are.”

However, she said the NGO was concerned that the people of Delhi would continue to breath the same toxic air after the US president’s visit. IANS