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Delhi Police sets up 24-hour helpline for foreigners


New Delhi, Feb 6 :

In the wake of recent criminal incidents involving Africans and other foreigners, Delhi Police is going to launch a 24-hour helpline for foreign nationals in distress in the Indian capital.

There will be a dedicated helpline number +91-8750871111 for foreign nationals which will be handled by a senior officer at the Delhi Police headquarters.

According to an order, a copy of which is with IANS, Joint Commissioner of Police (New Delhi Range) Mukesh Kumar Meena will be responsible for supervising this helpline and keep a record of all calls received and take steps to resolve them.

The order further states that Meena was being appointed Nodal Officer for handling crimes against foreign nationals.

Meena would convene a “joint meeting every three months with representatives of associations of foreign nationals living in Delhi and representatives of the concerned foreign missions.”

“A large number of foreign nationals are residing in various parts of Delhi on long-term visas for studies, medical treatment and business, among others. Sometimes there may be issues concerning them requiring police interventions,” the police circular said.

“At times, there may be some common policing issues with may affect foreigners as a group. There are a few associations of foreigners, particularly students living in Delhi who would like to seek interaction with police to resolve issues concerning foreigners,” the circular added.

A senior officer told IANS that the helpline will be started in a couple of days.

The recent targeting of African women by an Aam Admi Party minister and the rape of a Danish woman made the police expedite this measure which is unique to an Indian city.