Delhi discoms to be fined for unscheduled power cuts

New Delhi, April 2:

The power distribution companies in the capital will be fined if they resort to unplanned load-shedding, Power Minister Satyendra Jain said on Thursday.

Power cut “Power discoms cannot resort to unplanned load-shedding. They have to inform public beforehand either through loudspeaker or by some other means,” Jain said.

In a written directive to all the three power discoms, the power department has asked “to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply and make sure that power shortage is not used as an excuse to resort to load-shedding.”

The directive comes in the wake of load-shedding by discoms in different parts of the capital, particularly in slums.

“A serious view will be taken by the department in case the discoms resort to unreasonable excuses for load-shedding,” it added.

In case of valid and justifiable reasons for load-shedding, it should not exceed one hour at a stretch and should be strictly on rotational basis in different areas and not only in slums and JJ colony clusters, the government said. IANS

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