Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Paradip, Jun 5:

A day after thousands of dead fish were found floating in Bata river at Balijhara in Odisha’s Paradip, the officials of State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) today collected water samples and sent for examination.

dead fish paradip

After reports of dead fish being fished out of the river by the locals, the officials of SPCB this morning collected samples to ascertain the reason behind such abnormal activity.

“Similar incident had happened two years ago in Bata river. The tests then had revealed that lack of oxygen level in the water had caused the death of the fishes. We have collected samples and sent for examination to find out the reason behind the large number of fishes dying,” Regional Officer of SPCB, Prashant Kar said.

However, the locals have alleged that several industries in the area are contributing to water pollution due to which the aquatic animals are dying in such large numbers.

Several varieties of fresh water fish including Rohu (Rohi), Mrigal (Mirkali) and Catla (Bhakura) were found lifeless on the riverbed.

Foul odour emanated from the water which has turned dark pointing towards the presence of possible toxic substance in the water.

Environmentalists opined that the deaths of the aquatic vertebrate have to be taken up seriously as several people depend on it for livelihood as well as for bathing purposes. The water should be treated unless it might cause skin diseases to people using it.