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Cyclone threat triggers panic in coastal Odisha


Odisha Sun Times Weather Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Oct 6:

Exactly a year after Cyclone Phailin devastated large parts of Odisha, the possibility of another cyclone hitting the coast has spread panic in the state.

Satellite image (IMD)
Satellite image (IMD)

The Met office here said this afternoon that an upper air cyclonic circulation over Gulf of Siam (Thailand) and neighbourhood has already led to the formation of a low pressure area over Tenasserim Coast and adjoining Andaman Sea at 0830 hours IST today and could trigger rain and thundershowers at  one or two places over  Odisha during next 24 hours.

It would concentrate into a Well Marked Low Pressure Area during next 24 hours and further concentrate into a Depression during subsequent 24 hours, the forecast said.

” Models indicate further intensification into cyclonic storm,” the IMD forecast said.

The Met office, in its forecast released on Sunday, did say that the cyclonic circulation would move in the north-west direction while gathering strength en-route to reach Andaman and Nicobar islands on October 10 from where it will further intensify and move towards Odisha.

Agro-meteorologist Dr Surendranath Pasupalak of the OUAT, however, does not rule out the possibility of the cyclonic circulation turning into a storm.

According to him, the cyclonic circulation will take the shape of a low pressure on October 8. By the time the low pressure reaches the Andaman coast, it would have converted into a depression and would further intensify into a deep depression, he said. The depression will move towards south Odisha near Gopalpur coast, he added.

Dr Pasupalak said the low pressure will move over the sea for five long days. The longer it stays over the  sea, the stronger it will get. he said.

He said presently the sea level temperature of Bay of Bengal is more as a result of which the low pressure will gather more moisture leading to heavy rains. The more the quantity of rains, the stronger the low pressure will get and the greater the wind speed.

Since the temperature on the Odisha coast is more at present, it’s likely to move towards Odisha, Dr Pasupalak said. However, whether it’s going to be a cyclone or not can be only specifically said after the cyclonic circulation takes the shape of a low pressure, he informed.

Under the influence of the low pressure Odisha will experience heavy to very heavy rains likely for two to three days beginning October 13.

If the forecast turns out to be true, the Kandhamal bypolls could be seriously affected by the deluge.

Last year too, formation of Cyclone Phailin had taken place in a similar manner. The cyclonic circulation had moved along a similar direction from near the Thailand coast. After entering Andaman sea it had turned ferocious to hit Gopalpur after four days on  October 12.