Cyclone Threat Triggers Panic Buying In Odisha

People in Odisha hurrying to stores, grocery stores, and vegetable markets to stock up on necessities before the cyclonic storm “Hudhud,” which is looming over the Bay of Bengal and is anticipated to hit northern Andhra Pradesh and south-coast Odisha around October 12, makes landfall.

In breaking news, it has been reported that during the past 12 hours, vegetable prices have increased by around 50%. Candles, for example, have reportedly magically vanished from store shelves, according to sources. Untrustworthy dealers have been trying to artificially raise the prices of necessary goods during the unexpected rush in an effort to profit.

People have resorted to panic-buying numerous home necessities in the current scenario, including food, veggies, candles, matchboxes, batteries, and petrol.

In startling news, the market price of potatoes has suddenly increased. According to sources, the price of potatoes has increased from Rs 25 earlier today to Rs 30. According to sources, the price may rise further and hit Rs. 35 by Wednesday. Keep checking back for more information as this story develops. The wholesale price of the tuber was reportedly Rs 2100 per quintal this morning.

People are wary of taking chances because they still have vivid memories of the state-wide devastation caused by cyclone Phailin, which struck on October 12 of last year. The Odisha coast has suffered significant damage as a result of Phailin. However, compared to the catastrophic Super Cyclone of 1999, the number of fatalities is quite low.

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People have been seen buying big quantities of veggies, milk, and candles out of worry in reaction to the current scenario. In a recent statement, Sudhakar Panda, the secretary of the trade group Odisha Byabasayi Mahasangha, said that candles, matchboxes, and potatoes had all vanished from the market.

He said that the state’s lack of veggies was due to the state’s preparation for the impending hurricane.

The Food Supply and Consumer Welfare Secretary, Madhusudan Padhi, has urged the people to abstain from engaging in panic shopping. The speaker argues that human nature cannot be altered. According to Padhi, the public has been urged not to worry because the government has enough supplies of all necessary products on hand.

For individuals who the storm could touch, Padhi has ordered the government to stockpile food and supplies at cyclone shelters.

District collectors have been told to gather supplies for the affected districts by stockpiling them. The speaker claims that they are also making preparations to buy enough flattened rice and molasses from adjacent areas like Chhattisgarh and West Bengal in order to be ready for any eventualities.

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