Crackers worth lakhs gutted in Odisha town

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Aul, Nov 10:

Crackers worth lakhs of rupees stored in two makeshift shops in block headquarters town of Aul in Odisha’s Kendrapara district were razed to ashes within minutes in a major fire that broke this forenoon.

aul fire

However, there was no casualty in the mishap. A sweet meat selling makeshift was also reduced to ashes in the fire.

Fire broke out in the forenoon at around 11 AM when spark from a cracker lighted by a customer hit the cracker shop setting crackers stored in the shop on fire.

The blaze later spread to an adjoining makeshift cracker shop and a shop selling sweet meats.

Everything was reduced to ashes within minutes while shopkeepers watched the scene helplessly thanking god for saving their lives.


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