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CPI-M flays Modi govt over disinvestment


New Delhi, Sep 12 :

The CPI-M Friday said the government’s decision to disinvest its shares in Coal India, NHPC and ONGC reflected its “ideological commitment against the public sector”.

CPM CPI M“Through this offloading of shares, the government expects to realize Rs.44,000 crores,” it said in a statement after a meeting of the politburo of the Communist Party of India-Marxist here Sep 10-12.

“This will be the single largest disinvestment of shares ever.

“The Modi government is embarking on this massive disinvestment not only to raise funds to bridge its fiscal deficit but to fulfill its ideological commitment against the public sector.”

The CPI-M also criticized the Narendra Modi government for winding up the Planning Commission.

“This decision is in conformity with the neo-liberal view that there is no need for planning in a market-oriented economy.

“The end of the Planning Commission symbolizes the dominance of finance capital-corporate interests over the economy,” it said.