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Court issues summon to Kingfisher Airlines for pilot’s salary


New Delhi, May 29 :

The Delhi High Court has issued summons to defunct Kingfisher Airlines on the plea of a serving pilot seeking recovery of more than Rs.52 lakh, her outstanding salary for 21 months, from the grounded airline.

Moving the court through advocate M.K. Ghosh, the pilot said that because of the insecure financial environment, she had heavily suffered both professionally as well as financially.

The private airline has been grounded since October 2012.

Kingfisher airlinesThe pilot had joined Kingfisher in 2007 and her salary was Rs.2.24 lakh but she has not been paid any amount of salary since August 2012 till date, and due to this, she had to undergo a lot of financial hardships and had to liquidate all her assets to support her family.

“Inspite of the plaintiff’s (pilot) terrible financial crisis, the plaintiff continued to work sincerely and in good faith for the defendant’s company (Kingfisher Airlines) upon the assurance given by the managing director and other higher officials of the company that the airlines would revive and the company is actively searching for investments.

“However, due to false impression created by the defendant company regarding its revival, the plaintiff worked for more than 21 months without salary and suffered a lot both professionally and financially,” said the plea.

Seeking her salary along with gratuity and provident fund, the pilot said that despite various oral as well as written reminders and personal visits, the airlines has failed and neglected to make the outstanding payment of her dues.

“It is clear from the company’s conduct that it has no bonafide intentions to make the payment of the amounts due to the plaintiff and it has absolutely no justifiable grounds for not making the payment of the outstanding amount, which has now been due for a long time,” the plea said.