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Country birds’ number rises in Odisha’s Bhitarkanika


Rajnagar: The number of country birds increased in Odisha’s Bhitarkanika National Park in Kendrapara district this year.

As per the annual bird census carried out from August 24 till 31, total 1,04,490 country birds were registered this year in Bhitarkanika, out of which the grey crane birds were in the highest number. Last year, the number of country birds was 1,03,853.

Two teams were formed headed by Range officer Akshay Kumar Nayak and forester Bijay Kumar Patra comprising 12 forest officials to conduct the annual survey.

The census report said that the country birds were found in 21,965 nests on 413 trees, out of which 81,254 were grey crane birds.

Out of total number of birds, 5,377 were queen herons, 3,712 were middle herons, 234 were small herons and 5,146 were little cormorants.

The country birds in large numbers throng Bhitarkanika Park during monsoon for food collection, nesting, breeding and building friendship with the migrant birds. After laying eggs, they return their native places, sources in the forest department said.