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Conspiracy against Odisha: Chhattisgarh constructs barrages on Tel River


Nabarangpur: In ongoing Mahanadi River water sharing dispute between Odisha and Chhattisgarh, the latter’s conspiracy once again came to fore with its mega project on Tel River to deprive several districts of Odisha of water.

Sources said that Chhattisgarh government has undertaken a mega irrigation project under which several barrages are being constructed on Tel River affecting several villages of Odisha on the border.

The neighbouring state Chhattisgarh has started a mega dam project on Tel and Barahi River confluence, just 500 metre away from Khaparadihi village under Chandahandi block in Nabarangpur district of Odisha, to irrigate over 3,000 acre agricultural land.

The government has sanctioned Rs 18 crore in initial phase assigning a private construction firm of Chhattisgarh ‘Amit Construction’ for the project.

Sources said that the concrete wall is in progress and a skilled technical team equipped with advanced technology has been been deployed for the construction of the project.

The purpose behind the project is to obstruct the Tel and Barahi river water and use the water for irrigation in Chhattisgarh villages, said the Amit Construction in-charge LP Chaturbedi.

However, the stock water will not be irrigated through canal or pump, rather the land will be irrigated through underground pipes.

Sources said that Chhattisgarh had planned the project many years ago for irrigation to 30 villages under Deobhog block in the state. As the project is becoming reality, over 3000 land in Chhattisgarh will be benefited.

However, the project will put thousands of locals, who were dependant on Tel River for agriculture, in trouble in Khaparadihi Mouza under Chandahandi block in Nabarangpur district in Odisha.

Notably, Tel River, one of the tributaries of Mahanadi River, flows in Nabarangpur, Kalahandi, Balangir, Sonepur District of Odisha.

With construction of barrages, the flow of Tel River will be reduced and villages on the border in Odisha will be deprived of water for agriculture.

On the other hand, several villages on border under Chandahandi block will be marooned if the Tel river water will be obstructed and conserved, the locals said.