Lucknow, May 24:

Congress workers on Tuesday named a public toilet in Allahabad after Rishi Kapoor, apparently as a retort to the actor’s recent rant over the naming of many public institutions after Nehru-Gandhi family.

Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor

Some Congress workers, from the youth wing of the party, hung a poster, naming the Sulabh public toilet in the Shivaji Park area after the Bollywood film actor and inviting the people to use the public toilet more and more.

Last week, Rishi Kapoor in a series of tweets questioned why “har cheez” (everything) in the country is named after the Gandhis.

“Change Gandhi family assets named by Congress… Baap ka maal samjh rakha tha? (Do they consider it their father’s property?),” tweeted the 63-year-old actor.

“If roads in Delhi can be changed why not Congress assets/property ke naam? Was in Chandigarh wahan bhi Rajeev Gandhi assets? Socho? Why?” the veteran wrote.

“We must name important assets of the country who have contributed to society. Har cheez Gandhi ke naam? I don’t agree. Sochna log!” said another tweet by Rishi.

“Why Indira Gandhi airport International? Why not Mahatma Gandhi or Bhagat Singh Ambedkar or on my name Rishi Kapoor. As superficial! What say?” Kapoor tweeted. (IANS)