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Congress, BJP argue over Modi’s marital status


Panaji, April 10 :

BJP’s prime minister hopeful Narendra Modi’s marital status has become the topic of a slanging match between his saffron party and the Congress.narendra-Modi

After Congress member of the Rajya Sabha, Shantaram Naik this week insisted that India deserved to know whetehr or not Modi was married, at public meeting late Wednesday night Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar retorted that Naik should first reveal whether he had a bride ready.

“People like Shantaram Naik talk about Modi’s marital status. Instead of talking about issues related to defence and economy, the Congress has stooped down to such a disgusting level… Shantaram should first say if he has a bride at hand,” Parrikar said.

Addressing a press conference at the party’s state headquarters Tuesday, Naik said that Modi should come clean on whether or not he was married.

Naik also said that Modi and his camp were silent over media reports about Gujarat chief minister’s wife.

“When Modi files his nomination form, he will now have to specify whether he is married or not. He cannot leave the marital status column blank,” Naik said.