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Cong leaders slam Bhupinder, Naveen


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Mar 9:

The AICC in-charge of the Congress party in Odisha BK Hariprasad rushed to Bhubaneswar on Saturday evening after the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly Bhupinder Singh and the party’s legislative party secretary Anup Sai deserted the Congress and joined the ruling BJD.BK Hariprasad

Hariprasad termed the deserters as “migratory birds” and “opportunists” and said the Congress will not be affected one bit by it.

He said the holding of the Pradesh Election Committee meeting at New Delhi was nothing unusual and that was only an alibi cited by Bhupinder Singh. Hariprasad questioned the so-called righteous politics of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Similarly, Congress MP from Kalahandi Bhakta Charan Das said now it is clear that the leader of the opposition was in the chief minister’s pocket for the last five years. He called the incident as a tainted chapter in the history of democratic politics calling it a nasty example of real horse trading.

However, political observers say, despite the brave and aggressive front put up by the party leaders, the Congress in Odisha will find it hard to repair the huge dent that the recent desertions have caused to its image and credibility.



    “Yuyutsu” in Mahabharata was a son of Dhritrashtra with a Vaishya woman named Sukhada. Conceived under the fear that Ghandari couldn’t produce any children,

    As Mahabharata was a righteous war, the warriors were given the freedom by both sides to switch to the side they believed was morally correct. Yuyutsu played a major role in the Mahabharatha as an informant among the Kauravas. He assisted the Pandavas by providing critical information about Kauravas’ preparation and planning.

    Before the onset of the battle of Kurukshetra War between Kauravas and Pandavas, Yuyutsu shifts from Kauravas to the Pandava camp. Yuyutsu fought the battle on the side of the Pandavas. This act of Yuyutsu demoralized and depressed the Kauravas before the war begins.

    Now in Kaliyug Mahabharat War (Election 2014) the position is a little different because it is Kaliyug.

    The politicians have got chance to shift from one party to another before the Kaliyug Mahabharat War (election 2014).

    Assume that BJD is Kauravas & Congress in Odisha is Pandavas, the opposition leader Sri Bhupender Singh is Yudhistira (ADHARMARAAJ) and Naveen is Duryadhan. Now Pandavs (BJD) & Kauravas (Congress) are ready for the war (election 2014). Before war (Election 2014) there is a option to change the side but!!!! Surprisingly none of kaurava (BJD) brothers came to Pandavas (Congress) side rather the would be KING (Opposition Leader Bhupinder Singh) Yudhistira (elder brother of Pandavas) has changed the side and took shelter of Kauravas (BJD). This has happened because this is Kaluyug. Hence once the would be King Yudhistira(ADHARMA RAAJ) has gone to Kauravas side then why there should be a war?


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