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Coconut to be available online in Odisha


Puri: Good news for coconut farmers in Odisha as they can sell their produce online instead of supplying those to brokers for sale.

The move was taken by Puri administration after a series of protests by coconut farmers in the district.

With the initiative, the coconut farmers will get accurate price of coconuts and the commission taken by the brokers will go straight to the farmers’ pocket, said Puri Collector Arvind Agarwal.

As per the decision taken at a meeting chaired by Agarwal on Thursday, the coconut farmers will sell their produce through Regulated Market Committee (RMC) which will control the sale online.

A committee headed by the collector and Directorate of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies (DRCS) member as convenor has been formed to monitor the online system.

Detailed information about number of farmers, their economic condition and coconut market will be collected and later it will be monitored.

Earlier, farmers were selling coconuts to the brokers, who were selling in the market at high prices. With the recent move by the district administration, the farmers can get coconut rate online and directly sell it to the government.