Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Mar 30:

In a bizarre incident, a cobra trapped in a beer can was rescued after four days by OUAT doctors in Odisha capital yesterday.

The doctors rescued the 5-ft long cobra from the beer can after a successful surgery at the premises of OUAT.

According to reports, the snake was trapped in the beer can lying in an abandoned water tank located behind a marvel counter near Tamando petrol pump four days ago on Sunday. It was a nightmare experience for the cobra, which entered into the beer can out of thirst during scorching afternoon. The snake sustained head injuries while trying to get release from the can.

However, Snake Helpline member Subhendu Mallick and his associates rescued the snake from the site and rushed to the OUAT veterinary hospital for treatment. The cobra was seriously injured with cuts in the skin and head.

The team of doctors including Prof Indramani Nath, Prof Biswajit Jena and others conducted surgery. They removed the snake by cutting the can, stitched the head and injured areas that took around 2 hours. There are 8 stitches around the neck.

“The cobra will be completely fine in one month. If required the snake may undergo another surgery. However, it is out of danger now”, said Prof Jena.

Such incident is occurring many a time when the snake gets hurt or injured after being stuck in the soft drink can or beer can, said Subhendu Mallick.

However, people can save creatures if they crush the cans after using it instead of throwing it here and there, he added.