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Coastal security exercise along Bengal-Odisha coastline


Bhubaneswar: Aiming to strengthen coastal security along the Odisha and West Bengal coastline, the governments of both states will hold a joint security exercise ‘Sagar Kavach’ in the Bay of Bengal this month.

The two-day exercise is meant to ensure preparedness against any sea-borne terror strike similar to the 2008 Mumbai attack.

Home Secretary Asit Tripathy said several stakeholders including the Coast Guard, Navy, coastal police, state administrations, police and fisheries departments will participate in the exercise.

“Sagar Kavach security exercise is a realistic drill to check the efficacy of the security parameters and preparedness of various security forces,” said Tripathy.

He said the joint exercise is held periodically to enhance maritime security along the Odisha and West Bengal coast.

“During the two-day drill, we are going to conduct a simulated terror attack, named ‘Red Force’, at a random place along Odisha or West Bengal coast to assess the marine policing,” said Tripathy.

Indian Coast Guard Commander M.A. Warsi said the drill is to primarily assess the present security arrangements, to re-validate the standard operating procedures and to strengthen the security mechanism to face the threats from anti-national elements.

“All stakeholders who participated in the meeting were made exercise settings and other SOPs. The coast guard, and all the security forces, even the district administrations have been very helpful and proactive towards coastal security. After the drill, we will review if there are any loopholes,” he added. (IANS)