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Coal stir unlikely to impact power sector in Odisha


Bhubaneswar, Jan 6:

The five-day coal strike which began Tuesday is unlikely to have any effect on the power sector in Odisha, said officials.

coal minesState-owned Gridco, the bulk power purchaser of the state, said there would be no power shortage in the state due to the strike as the power producing units have already kept adequate coal in reserve.

“The power plants operating in the state have already stocked adequate coal for generation of power for about 15 days. There would be no problem of power shortage,” Gridco’s Director (Commerce) PK Pradhan told IANS.

He said while the peak hour demand of the state is about 2,800-2,900 MW, the generation of power was keeping pace.

Besides, the state is producing about 380 MW hydro power to meet demand.

NTPC deputy general manager (public relations) of NTPC Amit Kumar Behera said the PSU generally stocks coal for seven days to prevent any disruption.

“So there will be no problem of power generation” he said.

NTPC operates three coal-fired power plants in Odisha with installed capacity of 3,460 MW providing power across the country.