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CMRF snubs good samaritan Odisha tea vendor; returns cheque


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jul 17:

Odisha Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) has refused to accept a tea vendor’s cheque towards repair of medical equipment in the Capital Hospital here.

Good samaritan Sibasankar displaying the letter from the Chief Minister's office declining his contribution
Good samaritan Sibasankar displaying the letter from the Chief Minister’s office declining his contribution

The tea vendor –Sibashankar Jena—was so perturbed by the defunct diagnostic equipment in the government-aided hospital here that he resolved to save money to contribute to its repair.

The Chief Minister’s office has returned the Rs 18, 000 cheque with a letter enclosed to Sibashankar’s address here in the city.

It is learnt that the CMO has written in the letter that a general public’s contribution is not needed for the repair of medical equipment.

In fact, the chief minister is hurt and taken aback by the tea vendor’s contribution and hurriedly sent the cheque back to the donor, highly placed sources said.

A few days ago, Sibashankar had accompanied his neighbour’s son to the Capital Hospital for treatment where doctors advised him to get a CT scan done on the kid’s head. As the CT scan machine in the government-run hospital is lying defunct since several months, he had to get it done at a private facility where he had to shell out Rs 4000 for it.

Distressed by the sorry state of affairs, the good samaritan decided to donate some money to the CMRF to draw the state government’s attention towards the failing health infrastructure in the city. With his meagre income from a tea stall near Maharaja cinema hall in the capital city, he managed to save some money which he donated to the relief fund.

Sibashankar is both puzzled and pained by the government’s decision not to accept his humble donation.

“The Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) spends a lot of money on various activities. I am not able to understand why the government has returned the cheque instead of spending it towards the repair of the CT scan machine?” Shibashankar asked.

The premier referral hospital located in a posh locality is surrounded by the residences of bureaucrats, politicians and several government departments. The worsening health services in the hospital in the capital city gives a fait idea of the services in other parts of the state.


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