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Two more ‘blood separation’ units in state : CM


Reported by Chinmay Dehury, Edited by Swetaparna Mohanty

Bhubaneswar, Oct 1:

Exhorting the people of Odisha to donate blood voluntarily to save millions of  lives, chief minister Naveen Patnaik today announced the setting up of two blood component separation units at Koraput and Keonjhar, ‘which would be of great help for dengue patients in remote areas’.


Besides, nucleic amplification test facility will be available at three medical colleges and capital hospital.  This will help in early detection of seromark diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B & C in donor blood.

“Blood is precious and availability of safe and adequate blood in times of need can save millions of lives.  As there is no way found till now to produce blood artificially, voluntary blood donation is the only way out to save patients requiring blood. There can be no virtue greater than saving lives,” said Patnaik on the occasion of National Voluntary Blood Donation Day here.

Stating that availability of blood is not enough, he said the need of the hour is to continually improve and upgrade the availability of safe blood and blood products and to facilitate a self sustaining blood transfusion service.

“We have to promote voluntary blood donation programme to achieve a goal of 100 percent, so that we can gradually eliminate replacement donation in blood banks,” said the chief minister.

Odisha has as many as 82 Blood Banks and 12 Blood Component Separation Units. The total units of blood collection in various Voluntary Blood Donation Camps are more than 1.35 lakh.

“The State government is opening Blood Storage Centres at all the first referral units for greater accessibility of blood, especially (Janani Sishu Suraksha Karyakram) JSSK and accident areas,” informed the chief minister.