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Clowns’ Conference in Guatemala teaches ‘new tools ‘


Guatemala City, July 31 :

Over 200 professional clowns gathered in Guatemala earlier this week from across the Americas for a meet which allowed them to exchange insights about their trade.

(source: businessinsider.com)
(source: businessinsider.com)

Mario Solarzano, the union’s founder, who performs under the name Remachito, said he and his colleagues get together “to learn new tools for our shows”.

He said such an event proves helpful in exploring and exchanging innovative methods with other clowns for crowds’ entertainment. “These congresses help us learn more things and new performance techniques to make people laugh.”

Performers from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and the US among others participated in the 6th Congress of Latin American clowns. It was organised at a hotel in this capital city under the auspices of the union which represents workers in Guatemala’s entertainment sector.

Solorzano, who has been a clown for 18 years, said clowning is an honourable profession.

By the end, Remachito and his colleagues wrapped up the congress with a procession — in full clown regalia — through Guatemala City’s historic district to the old government palace, where they posed for a group photo.