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Cleanliness, hygienic food top priority: Gowda


New Delhi, July 8 :

Enhanced cleanliness at stations, battery operated cars between platforms and online facilities on board were among the passenger amenities Railway Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda promised in his 2014-15 budget on Tuesday.

“Battery-abled cars will be introduced in the platforms for the differently-abled and senior citizens for easy mobility. Considering that we have a large number of business travellers, we plan to introduce work stations in various trains. A pilot will be launched this year,” he said.

Gowda added that there will also be proper water supply and toilets at all railway stations.

Giving importance to the catering services in the train, ready-to-eat meals could be served on demand enroute. “Catering is a major issue of concern. A third party audit will be introduced for monitoring of quality control. Hygiene and taste of food will not be compromised,”