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CIFA pushes out WB as supplier of colored fish in Odisha


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jul 13:

Aquarium lovers of Odisha won’t have to depend on West Bengal for colored fish anymore. Bhubaneswar based Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA)-Kausalyaganga is now fully equipped to meet the demand for colored fish of the state.

coloured fish

While the state used to depend on West Bengal for colored fish only 2-3 years back, now the situation has reversed as fishes produced at the colored fish production center of CIFA at Kausalyaganga are not sent to West Bengal.

“The center now produces 20 different varieties of fishes. People consider these fishes auspicious as per Vaastu and keep them in aquariums at home. We started this project two years back. In the first year, we produced about 50,000 spawns in our fish seed hatchery and have taken the number to one lakh this year. We plan to produce up to 2 lakh spawns next year,” said an officer of the center Subrat Kumar Dash.

The center produces a wide variety of fishes such as gold fish, red gold, black gold, red cap, oranda gold, lion head, blue gourami, kissing fish, pearl fish, black molly, sword tail, platy fish, fighter fish, tiger shark, angel fish, crocodile fish etc.

“Even though all the varieties do well in the market, the demand for black molly and red cap is much higher than others,” said Dash.

The red cap features a red ball on its head making it look unique and sells for Rs 20-30 a piece. The price shoots up to Rs 300-350 after it attains the size of 10-15 cms. Similarly, the shiny black molly is an all black fish that looks beautiful in the colored ambiance of an aquarium. It sells for Rs 5-10 at the size of half a centimeter.

The tiger shark and crocodile fish produced in the center also have great demand in the market, Dash added.