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Chyavanpras : Chimps are lovin it !


Patna, Dec 14 :

Chimpanzees at a zoo here are being fed Chyavanprash, a widely used herbal tonic, to help them battle the winter chill. And the chimps are loving it.

The cold is expected to intensify in the Bihar capital and authorities at the Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden here are not taking any chances.Chimpanzee

Subhadra and Kartik, a pair of chimpanzees, are given two big spoons of Chyavanprash to protect them from the harsh winter ahead.

“We have introduced a special winter menu for chimpanzees and other animals for chilly weather,” S. Chandrasekhar, director of the the Botanical Garden, locally known as Patna Zoo, told IANS.

Chandrasekhar said that chimpanzees are enjoying the taste of Chyavanprash and they are more active and healthy after the special menu was introduced for them.

“Hundreds of visitors have requested zoo officials to feed Chyavanprash to chimpanzees in their presence as it is a rare sight,” he said.

He said that chimpanzees are given Chyavanprash early morning and in night.

“They will consume more than three kg Chyavanprash in a month during winter,” he said.

Last year too, the chimpanzees were fed Chyavanprash to ward off the cold. Not just the chimpanzees, other animals too get a diet suitable for the winter season.

Other animals are given egg, chicken, beef, honey and other items during the harsh winter.

The zoo has made arrangements to keep the other animals warm by installing heat convectors. Chandrasekhar said the zoo spends nearly Rs.9 lakh a year to provide high quality food to 1,200 animals and birds housed there. (IANS)