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Chinese man arrested for juggling multiple wives


Beijing, July 22:

A man in China’s Guangdong Province was arrested after getting caught juggling between his four wives for more than 20 years.

Chen, 45, was arrested after one of his wives contacted authorities on discovering the woman she believed he was having an affair with was his legal spouse, the Global Times reported.

According to reports, the four wives had no clue about each other’s existence.

Chen managed to marry multiple times because his older marriage certificates had not been entered into China’s national online database, the police said.

Chen married his first wife, also surnamed Chen, in 1992.

He then married wives Wang and Zhang in 1994 and Liang in 2007.

Wang bore him a girl and a boy while Zhang had a son.

His secret came to light when Wang discovered husband Chen was having what she thought was an affair with Liang in 2013.

At first she chose to forgive her husband for the sake of their children.

However, Liang produced a marriage licence and told Wang she must divorce their mutual husband.

Polygamy in China is punishable by imprisonment or detention of up to two years.