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Child’s mystery murder under police probe


Gurgaon, Sep 25 :

A six-year-old boy was murdered at his maternal uncle’s house near Gurgaon, police said Thursday.

Sahil, who hailed from Nangal Mundi village in Rewari district, was staying for a week at his uncle Manish’s house in Chandla Dungarwas village, 32 km from Gurgaon.

His aunt Neetu, who was in the house while other members of the family were out at work, alleged that an unidentified man came to the house Wednesday.

“He sprayed some substance and I fell unconscious. When I regained consciousness, the boy was found strangulated,” Neetu told police.

Police, however, said her statement was “suspicious”.

“Neetu’s medical examination conducted by police revealed that she was not drugged. Her statements and activities are suspicious,” said a police officer of the Bilaspur police station.