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Childline officials visit Odisha hotelier’s residence


Bhubaneswar: A team of the Childline under instructions from Child Welfare Committee (CWC) today visited Hotel Pal Heights owner Satpal Singh’s residence to conduct an inquiry into the death of domestic help Tanu Das alias Khusi Das, who is said to be a minor.

Tanu along with Satpal’s younger son Gagan Pal Singh (39), daughter-in-law Bhabana Singh (38), granddaughter Suhavi Singh (12) and grandson Ruveer Singh (4) was charred to death in a devastating fire at Satpal’s residence in the wee hours of August 3.

The team questioned Satpal’s family members on different aspects in connection with Tanu’s death. The team asked various questions like who had hired Tanu as a domestic help, how much was she being paid for her services, what was the nature of her job etc.

While maintaining his earlier stand that Tanu was appointed by his deceased younger son Gagan Pal Singh and he didn’t have much idea, Satpal is learned to have told the Childline team that his son had brought her to their home five months back and she was mainly taking care of his deceased grandson Ruveer.

“Satpal Singh has assured us that he will cooperate with us in the inquiry process. He said that Khusi/Tanu was brought to their home by his younger son and daughter-in-law who were killed in the fire mishap. He told us that he didn’t have much knowledge in the matter,” said Rulina, member Childline speaking to reporters after her visit to Satpal’s house.

A two-member team of Childline today visited Satpal’s house at around 10 AM but had to return since the security guard on duty told them that the occupants were not at home.

However, the team again visited Satpal’s house after family members were back at home.

On the other hand, the expert team of the Commissionerate police is yet to come out with the cause of the fire at Satpal’s house.

“We have no specific input till date, the inquiry is in progress,” informed Twin City Commissioner of Police Y B Khurania.