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Chema Baba the killjoy in Barsa Swony’s marital life!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Baleswar, Sep 5:

While godmen in Odisha are under siege, controversy has shrouded another such self-styled spiritual guru in Mayurbhanj district said to be having links with a high-profile politician.

Rajashree Mohanty and his estranged wife Barsa
Rajashree Mohanty and his estranged wife Barsa

The family of former minister Raghunath Mohanty was being guided by the instructions of a tantric leading to a strained relationship with her husband, alleged the daughter-in-law of the former minister Barsa Swony Choudhury.

Barsa, who was in news for alleged dowry torture by her in-laws, was again on the prime time television slots of regional news channels levelling startling allegations against her alleged tormentors.

In a studio discussion on Kanak TV on Thursday, Barsa alleged that Chema Baba hailing from Rasgobindpur area in Mayurbhanj district was the man largely responsible for her marital discord.

She told the news channel that as she moved to her in-laws’ house after marriage, she witnessed frequent visits of the Baba to their house. With time, the tantric activities grew manifold and the members of the family were giving in to the Baba’s demands without question and dancing to his tunes.

“Raghunath Mohanty would lose his ministerial berth and his son—Rajashree– would never be able to become a legislator if I lead a healthy conjugal life with Rajashree. This led to differences between us and the matter landed in court,” Barsa quoted Cheema Baba as telling the Mohantys.

As per Barsa, Chema Baba had sent a fruit to her on her wedding fourth night. Besides, he had also sent sindoor and asked her to use it. He used to come to their house and do puja at their home. Her mother-in-law Preetilata had enormous trust on him.

“She strictly followed Baba’s advice. She always tried to keep us away and never allowed me to share the room with my husband. I used to sleep in her room. After I went to sleep, she used to detail everything to Baba. They even cut my sarees to do black magic on me,” Barsa claimed.

Barsa’s estranged husband Rajashree refutedher claims and said: “We do not believe any Babas.”

Notably, Chema Baba had also hit the headlines after the dowry torture matter was all over the media. The tantric hails from Rasgobindpur area in tribal-dominated Mayurbhanj district bordering West Bengal. He is a worshipper of goddess Jagulai and practices occult science. Every year, thousands of people descend to this nondescript village on the occasion of Pana Sankranti and pray to the deity for fulfilment of wishes.