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Check out: What was Jessy asked during lie-detector test!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Feb 20:

Jessy alias Pralipta Priyadarshini  Samal was reportedly asked 45 questions for more than six hours during her polygraph test in connection with the alleged suicide of Ranjit Patnaik alias Raja on February 7.

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According to sources, Jessy became very nervous and her heartbeat rose very high during the questioning. If the report, which will come tomorrow, will be against Jessy, then police will call event coordinator Pralay Jena and driver Dhaneswar Behera to police station for further questioning. And Jessy will be taken for further questioning into remand.

If sources are to be believed, here are some of the questions asked to Jessy during the polygraph test.

Q. Was there a fight between you and Raja in the car?

J: We had an argument regarding the money received for the stage show. One cannot call it a fight.

Q. What did you tell Raja?

J: I told Raja that if you did not like it, then why did you come to the stage and why did you take the money.

Q. Was Raja hurt by your words?

J: Yes, my expressions might have hurt Raja. But such a small thing will lead to this I had never imagined.

Q. Did you realize that Raja was going to commit suicide?

J: No, he always threatened in such a manner. I had never imagined that he will commit suicide.

Q. Did you verbally abuse Raja?

J: No, I had not used any abusive language. But he had cried a little during the argument.

Q. How did your relationship start with him?

J: We met for the first time on the sets of ‘Uansi Kanya’.

Q. Since when did both of you start loving each other?

J: I have always seen him as a good friend.

Q. Both of you used to stay together in a Bhubaneswar-based hotel?

J: The hotel room was booked in Raja’s name. I used to go there to change costume sometimes. We have never stayed together in the room.

Q. Raja had identified you as his wife while booking the hotel room. The hotel manager has said that Jessy used to spend a lot of time in the hotel.

J: Yes, while I was in Bhubaneswar I used to visit there sometimes. But, it is untrue that I used to visit the hotel frequently.

Q. Why did you misbehave with Raja in the car?

J: Sir, I am telling you the complete truth. We had a heated exchange of words over the amount paid to us. Raja also told me a lot of things.

Q. Did Raja commit suicide because of what you told him?

J: Our argument was all over. After I tried to commit suicide everything was back to normal. Then after just 500 meters ahead on the road Raja got off the car and went to the bridge and did not return. So, where is my fault sir?